Message of Hope from Israel

Barak has an impressive list of accomplishments for anyone his age, but what is most remarkable about him is his commitment for peace and his hope for a positive future in Israel, despite all obstacles, and despite his own background.

Signs of God

While some people don’t believe in God, some of us see signs of God everywhere we go. The question is, how open are you to recognizing the signs of God surrounding you?

I Want to Know What I'm Praying For

Because I don’t know the seriousness or extent of my condition, I’m not ready for Mi shebeirach. Until I know where I stand, I don’t know what path to follow next. When I pray, I want to know what I’m praying for.

Shabbat in a Hotel Room

So that is how I ended up sitting in a hotel room on Friday night, with two candles, a bottle of wine, and a challah on the table, along with a prayer book in my lap and my cell phone beside me.