Finding Community and Connection


Kara Kirsch ended up in the Twin Cities by accident. She came at a friend’s invitation, her car broke down here, and friends convinced her to stay. But in the […]

New To The Twin Cities? You Deserve A Warm Welcome 


As I was planning this month’s virtual cook and chat for newcomers to the Twin Cities, I started reflecting on my own move here in August of 2012.  We were […]

October 2019 Get the Folk Out!


Get out this month!

September 2019 Get the Folk Out!


Sorry, this one’s a little late & after the long weekend, friends. I’m guessing (hoping?) I’m not alone in September sneaking up on me. Last night, I saw the first […]

April 2019 Get the Folk Out


IT’S SPRING. SERIOUSLY. GET THE FOLK OUT. Not that you need me — or anyone else to tell you — but, my zisseles and boychiks, it’s time to get out […]

An Invitation Home


My first Shabbat service in more than 20 years was in Jerusalem. An atheist Jew, sitting on a hard, limestone terrace with my wife, a secular agnostic, under a hazy, […]

We Get It, These Gala Events Usually Suck…


The Saint Paul Jewish Federation has always been committed to serving our community. As a part of that, we have absorbed feedback from last year’s events, and are pleased to […]

An American Jew in London


As an American Jew living in the UK, I thought it would only be right to compare the two (because we all love a good fight).