Cast-Iron Potato and Carmelized Onion Kugel


Editor’s Note: The recipe is from the cookbook ‘Nosh: Plant-Forward Recipes Celebrating Modern Jewish Cuisine,’ by Jewfolk Food Podcaster Micah Siva. The recipe is used with her permission. Potato kugel […]

So You Think You Know the Story of the Megillah?


Why do children dress up and adults hide their identity behind masks on Purim? Because concealment and secrecy play a pivotal role in the story. Things — and people — […]

Passover Seder Matching 2024


The annual holiday tradition we all love!  TC Jewfolk’s holiday matchmaking is live to help you find a Passover Seder in your area or to let you invite guests to […]

Is Putting Menorahs In The Window OK For Non-Jews?


I recently happened upon a rather heated online discussion about the appropriateness of non-Jews putting menorahs in their windows during Hanukkah. The question being debated was whether that act is […]

Frame Our Lives With Light, Rabbi Zimmerman Says


Chanukah, we often say, is the festival of light. From Minnesota to Jerusalem, menorahs shine brightly on cold December nights. And especially this year, we link ourselves to all Jews […]