The Lubavitch Cheder features a Day School, Preschool, Summer Camp and Library. The guiding philosophy of Lubavitch Cheder holds that in the innocence and sincerity of children there is the immeasurable potential for goodness, for leadership, and for appreciation of the sanctity of life. To guide each child with clear moral direction is every teacher’s focus, stressing the values that suffuse all that is cherished in our tradition. Students are shown that secular and religious education can be compatible and learn that a Jew may lead a traditional Jewish life without compromise, even in a secular environment.

Lubavitch Cheder Day School seeks to offer its students the warmth and love of the traditional Yiddisheh cheder while utilizing modern technology and teaching techniques. Since its founding with 22 students in 1977, the school’s separate programs for boys and girls (Pre-K-8) have provided an integrated religious and secular education under the guidance of highly qualified teachers in both arenas.