Maayanot Community Mikveh of Minnesota’s mission is to reclaim and renew the ancient Jewish ritual of mikveh immersion in a sacred space that provides a welcoming and meaningful way for all Jews, and those choosing Judaism, to mark life transitions.

Maayanot will be a certified kosher mikveh, but as an “open mikveh,” it will offer something unique. Maayanot will welcome participation across Jewish denominations, regardless of affiliation, and the entire spectrum of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and background. At Maayanot, the ritual of water immersion will sanctify life transitions of all kinds. Education programs and events will introduce the history and modern use of mikveh immersion to the broader community.

A new nonprofit organization, Maayanot recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sholom Community Alliance to work toward building the mikveh in a beautiful space at Sholom Home East in St. Paul, and will have a community campaign to fund the renovation. Maayanot is a proud member of The Rising Tide Open Waters Mikveh Network, an association that supports and promotes open mikveh projects in cities across the world.

We welcome community involvement to help build the first open mikveh in Minnesota.