There is a great and ever-growing need for a sense of community and meaningful vocational opportunities for adults with special needs. While there are many vocational training programs, our unique plan is to provide adults with the chance to be productive employees and give them access to adapted skills training, on-site coaching and carefully crafted responsibilities based on their strengths in the form of a self-sustaining Thrift Shop. The Thrift Shop that we plan to open will be designed around the needs of these individuals and training and employment will happen in tandem. By applying their newly acquired skill set into a real-life setting they will experience success from the onset. The Thrift Shop will also foster a sense of community for themselves through peer interaction. As a community-based Thrift Shop, there will also be opportunities for interactions with community volunteers. Everyone deserves the right to be a part of a meaningful and productive work experience and gain a new community of peers. The Thrift Shop will be an all-encompassing entity to achieve this dual goal. Our primary aim is to empower and enable our special needs adults to learn and achieve their individualized vocational potential. We provide them with the training & education to fulfill a more dignified way of living in a happy, fun and safe place.