The Institute for Holocaust Research and Education (IHRE) is a bold non-partisan research and education-focused nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about the Holocaust and its impact on the world. IHRE is joining the conversation to fight and condemn growing antisemitism rooted in Holocaust denial and distortion and antisemitism that is directly linked to reduced knowledge about the Holocaust.

IHRE generates and amplifies information about the Holocaust through direct outreach and powerful campaigns so that engaged and connected young people (Gen Z and Millennials) and members of previous generations who value truth and justice are inspired to take action to honor history and carry the lessons of the Holocaust forward to the next generations. IHRE has an uncommon edge, meeting these generations where they are at and arming them with the knowledge and tools they need to feel empowered, educated, courageous and compelled to share the history, legacy, stories and lessons of the Holocaust while sharing a vision of a world without another Holocaust.

We believe each generation that is knowledgeable about the history of the Holocaust and its atrocities can decrease the possibility that the Holocaust could happen again to Jews or others in the world. IHRE believes that through knowledge and awareness it is entirely possible to prevent the catastrophe of Holocaust from repeating itself.