We welcome you to the Twin Cities Jewish Renewal Community to experience the joy, beauty, aliveness, inspiration, creativity and deep spirituality of Jewish Renewal!

We are a vibrant, egalitarian community embracing spiritual connection, heartfelt prayer, contemplative practices, lively study, musical and artistic expression, movement, Tikkun Olam, social justice, Eco-Kosher, Kabbalah, Mussar and other evolving and creative approaches to connection to Judaism and The Source of Life.

In addition to Jewish Renewal Shabbat and holiday gatherings, events and teleconferences, we share and promote a wide variety of renewal-inspired events, classes, retreats, and tefillah offered by local synagogues and other Jewish organizations.

We are affiliated with ALEPH: The Alliance for Jewish Renewal (www.aleph.org), which is a trans-denominational, inclusive approach to revitalizing Judaism.