Thank You Donors

We’re lucky to have some of the coolest people in town on our donors list. Don’t believe us? Check ’em out below.

Meet Our Publishers’ Circle

Publisher Circle members are those whose most recent gift totaled $5,000 or above annually.

The Beverly Foundation, Martin & Esther Capp Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, The Heilicher Family Foundation, The Harry Kay Charitable Foundation, Kelen Family Foundation, Steve and Sheri Lear, Kris and John MacDonald, Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Kevin and Nancy Rhein, The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota

Meet Our Editors’ Circle

Editor Circle members have made a contribution of $2,500 to $4,999 annually.

The George Kaplan Memorial Foundation, Morton and Merle Kane Designated Fund for the Minneapolis Jewish Community

Meet Our Headliners’ Circle

Headliners’ Circle members have made a contribution of $1,800 to $2,499 annually.

Mike and Etta Barry, Joe Fahndrich, The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation, Lisa Heilicher, Helain and Jimmy Pesis, Michelle and Steve Shaller

Meet Our Journalists’ Circle

Journalist Circle members have made a contribution of $1,000 – $1,799 annually.

Wendy and Steve Baldinger, Sam Glassenberg, Kathrine E. Hill, Mike Hofkin and Ann R. Ginsburgh Hofkin, Michael and Susan Horovitz, the Kramer Saxl Family, Paul and Paula Maccabee, The Machov Family Philanthropic Fund, Bill and Gail Ribnick, Tom and Sheva Sanders, Tankenoff Families Foundation

Meet Our Founders’ Circle

Founders’ Circle members have made a contribution of $600 – $999 annually.

Anonymous (2), Mike and Sally Abrams, Adath Jeshurun Congregation (Minnetonka), Scott and Kerry Bader, Stan and Amy Baratz and family, Irene Bartram, Livia and Peter Fahndrich, Deb and Tom Frishberg, Bernie and Leslie Goldblatt, Harold and Cynthia Goldfine, Phil and Renae Goldman, Dr. Malka L. Goodman in memory of Dr. Ernest Goodman, Jason and Jacy Grais, Sarah and Brad Hanly, Bruce and Anne Marvy Hope, Michelle Horovitz and Adam Klarfeld, Leora and Michael Itman, Brian and Sandy Kamin, Michael Kaplan and Heidi Kraus Kaplan, Gary and Deborah Kohler, Susie and Hart Kuller, Darren and Lauren Lederfine, Beth Kieffer Leonard and Todd Leonard, Don and Rhoda Mains, Maslon LLP, Mount Zion Temple (Saint Paul), Charles Nauen and P.J. Pofahl, Sarah A. Orbuch, Jon and Robin Parritz Family Philanthropic Fund, Bill Pentelovitch and Vivian Fischer, The Resnick/Milavetz Family, Jeff and Janice Schachtman, Steve and Nancy Schachtman, Mike and Nancy Schoenberger, Yoav and Roz Segal, the Silberfarb family, Jim and Linda Stein, Temple of Aaron (Saint Paul), Ruth Usem, Michael and Erin Waldman, David Wark and Mary Ann Barrows Wark, Ellyn Wolfenson in memory of Marvin Wolfenson, Howard and Kathy Zack

Meet Our Newsroom Circle

Newsroom Circle members have made a minimum contribution of $180 – $599 per year.

Yoni Binus, Paul and Sue-Ellen Finelt, Jeri Glick-Anderson & Charles Anderson, Linda and Joseph Itman, Ambassador Sam and Sylvia Kaplan, Stacy and Gary Kibort, Andrew Lifson, Stacie and Joe Nabedrick, Enrique and Libby Parker, Aaron and Carrie Patz, Lindsey and Jason Rose, Sheri Rosen and Jeremie Kass, Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy and Oleg Ryaboy, Rabbi Jeffrey and Dr. Deborah Schein, Sandy and Jason Sondell, Lisa Stein, Leo Zabezhinsky and Lauren Brand


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