Win Tickets to See “Circumcise Me” Comedian on Tour in St. Paul

Yisrael Campbell in Circumcise Me. Photo by Carol Rosegg

If you thought getting circumcised once was rough, trying converting to Judaism three times… OUCH!  Comedian Yisrael Campbell knows the pain and the humor of moving from Catholicism, to Reform, Conservative, and then Orthodox Judaism.  After a much talked about documentary and a successful run off-Broadway, Yisrael Campbell is taking his show on the road, and on April 7th at 7:30pm he’ll be performing live at the St. Paul JCC.

Comedy Central talk show host Stephen Colbert has seen the show, enjoyed it and is quoted saying “Yisrael Campbell is the funniest Roman Catholic Orthodox Jewish comedian in the world, Hurry and see him before he turns Buddhist.”

Other praise:

From the NY Post: “A pitch-perfect blend of genuine sentiment and hilarious one-liners.”

From the NY Times: “Plenty of Laughs. Genial and polished tale well told.”

From Huffington Post: “Fun but ephemeral” with “genuinely comic moments and wacky observations about the nature of Jewish life.”

Get a taste of Campbell’s humor in this trailer for his 2008 documentary “Circumcise Me”:


What isn’t funny about an Irish, Italian Catholic kid from Philly, Comic Actor, Sober Alcoholic, Recovering Drug Addict, Husband, Father, Reform, Conservative, Unorthodox, Orthodox Jew?  What more do you need to hear? Nu? Buy your tickets already!

But first, of course…

Want to win a pair of free tickets to see this hilarious, searching and moving story of one man’s quest for spiritual enlightenment on April 7th at the St. Paul JCC?

Answer this question in the comments to this post before Friday, April 1st at midnight for your chance to win.  What do you think is the funniest part about being Jewish? We’ll draw the lucky winner’s name randomly, so there’s no right answer.

Tickets are $18 for St. Paul JCC members and $24 for the community. Get ’em fast before this show sells out!  Call the JCC at 651-698-0751 for tickets or more information.  The St. Paul JCC is located at 1375 St. Paul Avenue.


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  1. The funniest part of being Jewish is that the answer to every question is, “yes and no.” It cracks me up every time someone asks a question at Torah study and the rabbi begins, predictably with “yes and no…”

  2. The funniest part about being Jewish is how your non-Jewish friends are envious that you get presents for eight days during Hanukkah and they only get presents on Christmas Day.

  3. The funniest thing about being Jewish is that pretty much everything is open to debate… including the existence of G_d or the Mitzvot. The spirit of debate (…two Jews, three opinions…) leads to teachings taken to extremes – with comedic results.


    not only the funniest part, but probably the best part of being Jewish!!

  5. Why does a Jew always answer a question with a question?

    Watch the link to the daily show:

    and you will see what is the funniest part of being Jewish. The Daily show reporter learns about an almost invisible religious boundary causing controversy in Westhampton Beach.

    Jews in Westhampton Beach try to explain to the reporter that they are worried that Orthodox Jews will ruin the neighborhood.

    Wait. Maybe its not funny.

    Wait. Maybe it is funny if it happens someplace else.

  6. The funniest thing about Jews is how neurotic we are. Where in the Torah does it say we can’t eat beans and nuts during Pesach? Sephardi style, anyone?

  7. It’s funny that the theme of so many holidays is:
    They tried to kill us; They didn’t succeed; Let’s eat!

  8. we have to look for the funny, it’s what keeps back the sadness.

  9. I’m not sure, but my friends always tell me the funny thing is that I don’t look Jewish.

  10. Hi All! Sorry about the delay on drawing a winner! BR will get the tickets (I’ll email shortly). Hope everybody enjoys the show.