Subway at the J: sandwich shop is the largest Kosher U.S. restaurant chain

subwayThe largest kosher U.S. restaurant chain is quite a shocker. Subway, the “Eat Fresh” sandwich chain with 22,000 non-kosher stores around the country, is at the top of the list for kosher restaurant chains in this country, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, with 9 kosher sandwich shops in bustling Jewish hubs like the local Jewish Community Centers across the U.S.  Seven more kosher Subways are scheduled to open by the end of next year.

Wait a second, you must be saying, doesn’t Subway serve ham and bacon, and milk and meat together? Not the Subways at the Js.  The JTA’s post describes the Kosher difference. At the Cleveland JCC’s new Subway:

“Ham and bacon were removed from the menu, the ‘cheese’ is made of soy, and the Seafood Sensation sandwich is filled with imitation crab. Two microwaves and toaster ovens ensure that fish and meat are kept separate, a consideration for more observant Jews. There is a full-time mashgiach, or kosher supervisor, and the restaurant is closed on Shabbat.”

The kosher Subways allow the JCCs to bring in a few more folks around lunchtime, without requiring a huge and potentially risky economic investment of the JCCs running a deli or restaurant on their own. The brand name helps a bit too.

I’m all in. If the Sabes JCC in Minneapolis or the Saint Paul JCC signs up for a kosher Subway, I’ll drive a few extra miles to meet my Bubbe for lunch.

Turkey sub on wheat, lots of veggies, hold the cheese.

(Photo: Jetalone)