Jewish mother-in-law sues comedian after one too many jokes

Sunda Croonquist is half-black, half-Swedish, Roman Catholic by birth and a convert to Judaism. She is also a comedian who – until recently – joked about the craziness of her Jewish mother-in-law in night clubs around the country and on Comedy Central. But not anymore.

Recently, Sunda’s mother-in-law decided that enough was enough. So she sued her daughter-in-law for spreading allegedly false, defamatory and racist lies about her. Sunda’s attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the law suit.

The Associated Press quotes First Amendment Law attorney Gary L. Bostwick, who says that “suing a comedian is often difficult because courts tend to rule that it should be obvious they are joking.” However, Sunda says her stories are real – “these are not mother-in-law jokes. You can’t make this up” she tells her audience.

Here’s a clip of Sunda’s mother-in-law routine.


What do you think? Offensive or funny (or both)? Would you dismiss the case if you were the judge? Share your thoughts in the comments.