Shavua Tov: top 5 Jewish news stories on a stick

friedIf you have not yet strolled through the Minnesota State Fair grounds gobbling up Sweet Martha’s cookies, fried Snickers bars, and beer on a stick, this is your last weekend to live it up. But before you run off to the smell of fried food, pause with me for a minute to enjoy Shavua Tov on a Stick.

Here are the top five Jewish stories that could not fit onto the blog this week.

1. “Masa urges Israelis: Get your Diaspora relatives to come here” – Jerusalem Post – (and angers a lot of Jews with its “lost” Jew advertisements)

2. “Jews recreate kindertransport train trip” – Jerusalem Post – (some powerful stuff; 29-yr-old Brit saves hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust and meets them – and their families – 70 years later)

3. “A Jewish Video for Jesus” – Jewcy – (book promo for paperback version of My Jesus Year: A Rabbi’s Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith)

4. “White House criticizes approval of new settlements” – Capital J – (curious language from Prez Obama: “the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement expansion”)

5. “Video: ‘Madonna is a devil worshipper‘” – Jerusalem Post – (Madonna, our favorite non-Jew ever, gets criticized online for her actions at Tel Aviv shows – in other news, she had Shabbos dinner with Netanyahu’s family)

(Photo from the Minnesota State Fair: mjkeliher)