Shavua Tov: 5 must-read Jewish news stories

Top Five Jewish News StoriesThis week has been a momentous one for the Jewish community here in Minnesota, and around the world. I know you have just ten minutes to skim these articles in between bites of bagels and sips of coffee, so here are this week’s Shavua Tov top 5 Jewish news stories.

Don’t miss ’em.

1. “Harvard: Holocaust denial ad was a ‘mix up‘” – Jpost (Harvard newspaper oversight leads children of survivors to angrily call in…Ooops)

2. “Student fined for Israel flag in Germany” – JPost (flag at Muslim rally was “provocative” according to the district judge)

3. “Norm Coleman diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy” – MPR (Jewish former U.S. Senator from Minnesota gets diagnosis for nerve disease)

4. “J Street, B’nai B’rith rip Toronto film festival protests” – Capital J (Jewish orgs call out the anti-Israel celebrity protesters at Toronto’s film festival)

5. “New Kosher Food Certification May Be Most Detailed in the Industry: Magen Tzedek’s Ethical Standards Apply Even to Workers’ Wages” – Forward (Conservative movement 175 page guidelines for ethical Kashrut released – thanks to local Rabbi Morris Allen and Jewish Community Action for spearheading the movement)

(Photo: John-Morgan)