Shavua Tov: this week’s Jewish news, United Nations edition

United NationsShavua Tov! As last week transitions into a new week of Jewish headlines, join me for a quick look back at those news stories and videos that surfaced in the Jewish news this week.

Check out the speeches at the United Nations General Assembly by Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President Obama, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. And on a far lighter note, don’t miss the hilarious new Twitteleh youtube video.

Revelations of Iranian plant return nuclear threat to center stage” – JTA (Read about Friday’s revelations of Iran’s second, secret uranium-enrichment plant and Prez Obama’s reaction, plus subsequent calls for sanctions)

Bibi’s UN Speech” and “Obama at the UN General Assembly“- Jewlicious and Capital J blogs

Halachic arbiter: No Crocs on Yom Kippur” – Jerusalem Post (turns out the shoes are too comfy for the Holidays)

ADL: Anti-Semitism in Spain on the rise” – Jerusalem Post (new report released, and a stunning new poll of Spaniards)

Twitter for your Jewish Mother!”  – Jewcy blog

(Photo of the United Nations General Assembly Hall: Luke Redmond)