Ask Shuli: Flakey friend or foe?

Ask ShuliDear Shuli:

I’ve been trying to make plans with a new friend, but she often changes plans or flakes out. Should I give up on her?

Frustrated friend

Dear Frustrated:

I understand your bewilderment. It’s hard to make the effort and have your plans thwarted time and again. In this day and age, people are so busy with school, work, kids or too many activities. Your new friend does want to make plans to see you, but she must have a hard time with follow-through.

I have little patience with flakey friends, but you should give yours the benefit of the doubt this time. Let her make the next move and take the initiative. If she changes plans on you yet again, tell her you’d love to spend time with her but can’t take the uncertainty. She may have to prove to you that she can be a dependable member of your social circle. Friendships take work, honey. Don’t I know it!