Introducing: The Jew-Date Diaries

Broken HeartWho doesn’t love a good dating story? It doesn’t matter if you’ve settled into domestic bliss with your beshert or if you’re still navigating those uncharted waters of singlehood. We’re willing to bet that you love a good story about two people trying to find a spark as much as we do.

And is it just us or does dating Jewishly come with some extra baggage? From the yentas who can’t help but find themselves involved in your dating life to figuring out if you’d feel comfortable dating somebody outside of the tribe to bringing that special someone home for your first shabbat dinner with your family. Of course, all these things just make the stories that much more interesting.

We all have a dating story or two to share. If you’re really lucky, there was a happy ending – you found the one and couldn’t wait to yell it from the nearest rooftop (after a quick call to your dear imaleh, of course!). And the rest of the time? Well, let’s just say that most of us have to kiss a bunch of frogs to find our prince/princess. Either way, there’s always a story.

Maybe you were set up by your well-intentioned bubbe. Maybe you jumped into the world of internet dating ( Craigslist?). Maybe you locked eyes at your local Starbucks and exchanged phone numbers. No matter how it happened, you ended up on a date and have a story to tell.

Here’s your chance to share those stories on The Jew-Date Diaries. We’ll post the best ones every other Tuesday. All you have to do is email them to [email protected]. Keep in mind a few things when submitting:

  • Stories should be between 250-600 words
  • Names and identifying details should be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. [There’s one caveat here: If your story has a happy ending, we’d be tickled to share real names and a photo with your permission]
  • Please keep things PG-13
  • TC Jewfolk reserves the right to edit as necessary for space and content

Stay tuned for the first installment of The Jew-Date Diaries here tomorrow, October 13th.

(Photo: Olivier GR)