Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Bagel and loxIn case you missed the drama, here are a handful of Jewish news stories that we couldn’t fit on the blog last week – from Nazi comparisons in the health care debate, to Jewish princesses in Jeeps, to the sex crimes in New York City’s ultra Orthodox community.

Before you watch football for the rest of the day, grab a bagel, some lox, and your laptop. Here’s this week’s Shavua Tov.

Follow up: ADL tracking Nazi comparisons in health-care debate” – Capital J (The ADL weighs in after a New York magazine story about Republicans comparing Obama to Hitler)

American seniors celebrate their own bat mitzvahs in Jerusalem” – Jerusalem Post (Wow. Bubbes officially become “daughters of the commandments”)

Orthodox Jews Rely More Sex Abuse Prosecution” – New York Times (“ultra-Orthodox Jews, long forbidden to inform on one another without permission from the rabbis who lead them, are going to the police and prosecutors on their own.” Fascinating.)

GOPer drops endorsement of J Street event [UPDATED: Gillibrand, Schumer too] – Capital J (the most recent news on the hubbub over allegedly “pro Israel” group J Street and its upcoming conference. See TC Jewfolk’s article on the J Street and the conference for background)

Jewish princesses set to compete for Desert Queen title in the Negev” – Jerusalem Post (and you thought “Survivor” was harsh)

Analysis: Obama, Nobel peace, and Israel” – Jerusalem Post (an interesting analysis of the Jewish reactions to Prez Obama’s nobel – weigh in with your thoughts in the comments)

(Photo: jeredb)