Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Bagel and loxShavua Tov! This week’s Jewish news in review is a mix from the political (hate crimes bill passes) to the nonsensical (bagel-shaped mutilations), and everything in between. Here’s TC Jewfolk’s list of some of the major – and fun – Jewish news you may have missed this week. Read up.

Senate approves hate crimes bill” – Capital J blog – the Act, which expands the federal definition of hate crimes to include those motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability, now heads to Prez Obama’s desk for his signature. Supporters included many Jewish groups.

Jewish roots for ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘” – JTA’s The Telegraph blog- Did you know that Maurice Sendak was Jewish and that he based the wild things on his Jewish immigrant aunts and uncles? Yeah, neither did I. Read about the Jewish roots of the story, and then The Telegraph’s critique of how the movie Where the Wild Things Are lacks that Jewishness.

The Tel Aviv Mural Project“-  Jewlicious blog- Amazing video about an Israeli workshop where 12 teenagers painted a 300 square meter mural on the side of the Jewish Agency building in Tel Aviv.

Founder says Human Rights Watch wrong on Israel” – JTA’s Telegraph blog- HRW’s Founder Robert Bernstein criticizes his org for its anti-Israeli bias in the NYT (read the op ed), and HRW responds (read their statement)

How do you like your bagels? Not like this I bet” – Jewlicious blog – Ok, this is a bit gross. But totally weird that kids are imprinting their faces to look like bagels to be cool.

Rabbi intervenes on behalf of Israeli coach ejected in NY Knicks – Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv game – American Jewish World newspaper (MN) – “So a basketball coach, an N.B.A. referee and a rabbi walk onto the court at Madison Square Garden locked in an argument. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.”