Announcing PopRocks: Pop Culture with a Jewish Bent

Gila DrazenTC Jewfolk is excited to announce our new weekly column “PopRocks.” Check out what columnist Gila Drazen has to say:

In line at the grocery store, someone mused aloud, “Nicole? Jen? John? Who are these people?” I knew. Of course I knew. And if you know – or if you don’t know – then join me Wednesdays for PopRocks.

PopRocks will be a place to explore pop culture with a Jewish bent – some celebrity gossip (sorry, Sean); some reactions to Judaism in television and film; and even an occasional recommendation . . . and sometimes just questions to chew on, like “Why haven’t they changed the name of American Movie Classics since they changed the programming choices?”

And why PopRocks? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that artificially fruit-flavored anything and I are not friends . . . but the idea of Pop Rocks was something I always loved. The tiny little explosions are what make eating the candy fun. And that’s how I see pop culture – the fun little bits that bring flavor and excitement to life.

A little about me, to establish my bona fides: I’m a Gleek. An Idoloonie. An awards show junkie (seriously, I’m already planning for Oscar Sunday). I talk back to E!; I subscribe to Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly; I have Muppet checks and a collection of Sesame Street PEZ dispensers. And once I corrected Trivial Pursuit (no, I very primly said, it’s often classed as a Brat Pack film, but John Hughes had nothing to do with St. Elmo’s Fire).

In short, it’s going to be fun. So a preliminary recommendation, to get the ball rolling:

Everyone could use a little more happy-dancing, especially in Heshvan. In that spirit, I recommend the song “Lollipop,” by Mika. Don’t dance – I dare you.

We’ll start popping tomorrow!