Announcing “Minnesota Mamaleh”: Dishing on Being a Jewish mama in Minnesota

Minnesota MamalehTC Jewfolk is excited to announce our new weekly column “Minnesota Mamaleh.” Check out what columnist Galit has to say:

I have used many, many words to define myself over the last three decades (dear lord, does that sound like a lot to anyone else?!). Daughter. Traveler. Mover. Home owner. Artist. Student. Teacher. Wife. Mom. Mama. Mommy. *Mommy* said in a sweet voice, a sleepy voice, a whiny voice, a yell, with an eye roll. Hmm.

I love being a mom and this most recent 24:7 job DEFINTELY defines me like no other has before. I am excited to dish with you every Friday about my ins and outs, days and nights, everyday and the extraordinary parts of being a Jewish mother in Minnesota.

I am a teacher turned mama which means that every celebration lasts about a week at our house and includes (but is certainly not limited to) a craft, a baking project, a story and an outfit (or two. I do have two little girls after all!). Bless my husband for living this life with me and for having a “celebrations” category in Quicken. Holidays and celebrations run our calendar and our household. Sometimes everyday life sneaks in there, too.

My husband Jason and I have been together for a decade, married for seven years (Mazels to us, right?!). In that time we have had three children, two career changes, one major move, four little moves and have owned two homes together. *Sigh* It has been a series of choices—settle by his family or mine? Minnesota or California? Cities or suburbs? Jewish school or public? A million activities or a peaceful life? Working mom or stay-at-home mom? Teacher schedule or businessman’s salary? And so the story continues.

We fell in love all over again as parents and found a whole new series of things to discuss. Sometimes peacefully. Sometimes Israeli-style. But always together.

And now I can discuss any and all hot mama topics with YOU. Peacefully, I promise. I hope to hear from you regularly and often because there’s just nothing like a heart-to-heart even if it is over a blog! Who would’ve thought?! So meet me here Fridays to dish mama style!