Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Bagel and loxShavua Tov! Hope you had a good week.

This week’s Jewish news review is mostly about Minnesota political figures, in honor of election week (I hope you all voted). Check out which Minnesotan legislators are making national news and why. Listen to Matisyahu’s rockin’ song that’s making him famous world over, just in time for the Winter Olympics. And read a little tidbit about the Texas shooter you might not have known…

Have a great week!

Olympic Crooning by Matisyahu” – Bintel Blog on the Forward. At you thought it was cool when Jewish reggae star Matisyahu performed at First Avenue in Minneapolis? His song “One Day” is the new NBW Winter Olympics anthem. Check it out.

McCollum lectures ambassador on J Street” – JTA’s Capital J blog. Minnesota Congresswoman (from my part of town – oy) makes national news for lecturing Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren for not attending thecontroversial J Street conference in Washington, DC last week.

State Sen. Dick Cohen appointed to White House arts council” – Star Tribune.  MOT (Member of the Tribe) and Minnesota State Senator Dick Cohen gets a pretty sweet national appointment. Mazels Sen. Cohen!

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) Calls Out Bachmann For Use of Holocaust Imagery at Capitol Hill Tea Party” (Talking Points Memo blog) and “Charming Signs at the Most Recent Tea Party” (Jewlicious blog). Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann gets chewed out by Rep. Steve Israel for organizing the Tea Party protest this week where many signs (see the Jewlicious piece) used Holocaust imagery (not just Nazi signs people, but images of dead bodies). Thanks for giving Minnesota a good name Rep. Bachmann – why haven’t we voted her out yet?

Israel, Palestinian Authority probing Texas shooter: Nidal Hasan’s family comes from Arab village just outside Jerusalem.” WorldNet Daily. Oh yeah, and the Texas shooter shouted “Allah Akbar” before he kills 13 American soldiers. Awful.

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