Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Bagel and loxShavua Tov. A lot happened in Jewish news this week. The Forward Top 50 was announced, Iowa’s kosher meatpacker got slapped with some major convictions, Jerusalem’s 9/11 memorial was unveiled, and Jews had another big conference in DC. Read on to see what you missed, and a special treat (free music) at the end. Have a great rest of your weekend. Shalom!

1. The Forward announces its list of the top 50 most influential Jews this year. Check out Forward’s Top 50 here. Fabulous Minnesotans in the list again (Rabbi Morris Allen made the list last year): Joel and Ethan Coen, and Senator Al Franken. Interesting commentary on the lack of digital media folks (ahum, TC Jewfolk/Jewcy/Jewlicious/HeebMagazine, etc) and the number of women in the list by JWA’s Jewesses with Attitude Blog.

2. The national Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly was this week in DC. Here’s a recap (linking to articles on the Capital J blog where you can read more). Obama was supposed to go, but hecancelled because of the Fort Hood soldier massacre; Rahm Emanual spoke in his stead, and cracked jokes;Jewish federation leaders met with Prez Obama and top white house advisors; protesters outside the GA lookedridiculous, and Obama met with Bibi Netanyahu (who spoke at the GA) behind closed doors. Pheuf.

3. Israel’s Monument to 9/11. Bintel Blog, the Forward. Jerusalem is now one of the first cities outside of the U.S. to have a monument to 9-11. It looks stunning. Unveiling was this week.

4. In the days since several University of Minnesota Departments and the group Teachers Against the Occupation brought Omar Barghouti to the University of Minnesota to speak about why we should boycott all Israeli academic and cultural institutions (read TC Jewfolk’s article on the event), the University of Minnesota Op-ed pages have been filled with these pro- and (mostly) anti-Israel articles: Israeli Boycott Deserves AttentionIsrael an Apartheid NationDon’t Allow Boycott of Israeli Universities.

5. “Former Agriprocessors manager found guilty on 86 counts” – American Jewish World newspaper (MN). Kosher meatpacker from Iowa found guilty of wire, mail, and bank fraud. Read the statement from the Hecksher Tzedek (kosher justice food certification) commission regarding the convictions.

And yeah, just because I love you, here’s some free music from the Israeli techno/retro rock/Middle Eastern folk group RockRaga, courtesy of Jewlicious.

(Photo: jeredb)