Bob Dylan Christmas Music, and a Free Dylan CD

It’s a week of Bob Dylan madness.

First, Dylan confuses all of his Jewish Minnesota brothers and sisters with his new CD “Christmas in the Heart,” especially his recording of the single “Must be Santa” which sounds remarkably like Klezmer music. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

Second, the American Jewish World newspaper launches a contest worthy of TC Jewfolk (so we had to post it here and give you all a shot at winning). Answer this Bob Dylan trivia question and you can win a copy of Wisconsin jazz pianist and composer Ben Sidran’s new album of Dylan cover songs called “Dylan Different.”

Robert Allen Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan; but this is not something new in his family. Dylan’s maternal grandfather, Ben Stone, changed his surname at some point. What was it?

Send your answer, along with your name and contact information, to: [email protected]. The American Jewish World will draw a few lucky winners on Monday, Nov. 23. (Hint: the answer can be found with a carefully crafted Google search). Go to it Jewfolk.

And here’s Dylan’s Christmas song. What do you think?