Nazis, Christian Hugs, Flash Mobs, & Holocaust Photo Shoots: This week’s Shavua Tov

Wild Turkeys  3-7-08 by Vicki's Nature.Shavua Tov. Hope you all had a great week and a delicious turkey day. Here’s a taste of this week’s Jewish News.

A magazine uses a Holocaust Memorial for a photo shoot, trial starts for an Ohio autoworker accused of Nazi crimes, Netanyahu calls for a settlement freeze, and terrorism in Israel, plus we’re throwing in some great videos that have been circulating the Jewish web – the Christian Side Hug and a Hanukkah Flash Mob in Jerusalem. Enjoy.

1. easyJet Uses Sexy, Hot, Glamorous Holocaust Memorial for Photo Shoot – Heeb Magazine – Now that’s gutsy.

2. Trial of retired Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk breaks new legal ground in Germany – Star Tribune. Israel tried Demjanjuk in the 1980s for Nazi crimes, then overturned the conviction. Now he stands trial again for being an accessory to the Nazi murders.

3. Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Hanukkah Flash Mob on Ben Yahuda Street in Jerusalem. To the tune of Smooth E’s “Hanukkah Hey Ya.” Thanks to Jewlicious.


4. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls for a freeze in building settlements and everyone weighs in. “Mitchell’s remarks and more reaction” (George Mitchell, the ADL, and Rep. Gary Ackerman), and Reacting to Settlement Freeze Announcement (AIPAC, Americans for Peace Now, and Sec of State Hillary Clinton, plus a link to Netanyahu’s statement). Capital J Blog.

5. “Ayalon: Today’s UN wouldn’t form Israel” – Jerusalem Post – Interesting statement by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister this week. Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

6. 2 lightly hurt in Hebron terror attack – Jerusalem Post – Palestinian stabber hurts two before he’s shot to death. Oh yeah, and yet Israel is releasing 90 Fatah terrorists this week to bolster Abbas (also JPost). Makes your mind swirl a bit.

7. The “Christian Side Hug” – When Heeb Magazine and Jewlicious join the email chain in sending around this video teaching young Christian teens how to do the “Christian Side Hug” and thus avoid the sexual temptations of a full frontal hug, you know I’ve got to jump in and post it here.


(Photo: Vicki’s Nature)