Noshin’: Eating My Heart Out

A few of the amazing nuggets I thought were worth sharing from the Hazon Food Conference 2009 in Monterrey, California. The 4-day event focused on sustainable agriculture, Jewish ethics, environmentalism, and really delicious meals.

Avoiding the New Year’s Resolution Trap

As if we haven’t gotten enough of this sort of thing during the High Holy Days, the secular tradition of making New Year’s resolutions lays out the challenge for each of us to call into question the validity of the way we live our daily lives.

70% Off Tix to Comedian Steve Hofstetter

Start the New Year off right. Pissing your pants laughing. TC Jewfolk has a special discount for you to see hilarious Jewish author, columnist and comedian Steve Hofstetter live in Saint Paul.

Ask Shuli: Why Are Jews So Cliquey?

Dear Shuli: It seems that in today’s society, many Jews tend to stick together very exclusively. After years of anti-Semitism and persecution (that still exists today), do we feel it necessary to make others feel uncomfortable? Why are Jews so cliquey?