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“Ask Shuli” is TC Jewfolk’s yiddishe equivalent of Dear Abby or our favorite, Ask Amy, with a healthy dose of guilt sprinkled in. If you’ve ever wondered how the hell (sorry, momala) to explain Simchat Torah to your non-Jewish boss, ask Shuli. Or, is pre-marital sex good for the Jews? Or, how to introduce your Lutheran boyfriend to the family? Ask Shuli: [email protected]

Ask Shuli: Pissed on Passover

spilled wine

Dear Shuli: My brother got drunk at the seder last year, couldn’t help with the dishes, and I got resentful. How can I get past this so I’m not still mad this Pesach? --Manischewitz Maiden

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Ask Shuli: Passover Dilemma

Passover seder plate

Dear Shuli: It’s my favorite holiday, but this year I’m anxious about the upcoming Pesach (Passover). My mom recently remarried … Her new husband is Jewish, but totally secular. Should I invite both of them to our seder, or just her? -- Passed Over

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Ask Shuli: Nice Neighbor or Wild Thing?

clean up time!

Dear Shuli: We're trying to get to know our new next-door neighbors, who have two children about the same age as ours. Should I worry about their kid influencing mine, or hope that mine provides the good influence? -- Neighbor Tsores

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Ask Shuli: Does Texting = Stalking?


Dear Shuli: I gave my cell phone number to a woman I met recently while on a group outing with friends. She’s been sending me suggestive and embarrassing text messages—which make me uncomfortable. How can I get her to stop? -- Textphobic

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Ask Shuli: Out-of-town Wedding Woes

Dear Shuli: A good friend of mine here in the Twin Cities has invited me to her wedding this spring on the West Coast. This trip is really not in my budget, although I had hoped to go. What should I say? -- Something Blue

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Ask Shuli: Why Are Jews So Cliquey?

Dear Shuli: It seems that in today's society, many Jews tend to stick together very exclusively. After years of anti-Semitism and persecution (that still exists today), do we feel it necessary to make others feel uncomfortable? Why are Jews so cliquey?

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