Ask Shuli: Who Makes the First Move?

Dear Shuli: I recently started hanging out with a new guy friend, and I wish we were more than friends. What can I do to encourage him to make a move? — Sheyna Punim

Ask Shuli: Out-of-town Wedding Woes

Dear Shuli: A good friend of mine here in the Twin Cities has invited me to her wedding this spring on the West Coast. This trip is really not in my budget, although I had hoped to go. What should I say? — Something Blue

Ask Shuli: What's a Cupid Cohen to Do?

Dear Shuli: I’m feeling pretty intimidated by the impending Valentine’s Day, especially since I’ve only been in this relationship for a month. How much do you think my new girlfriend expects? — Cupid Cohen

Ask Shuli: Oy Vey, No Bedroom Sparks

Dear Shuli: At this dark, rather dreary time of year, my partner and I notice that our sex life really loses its spark. Do you think a vacation will help? — Six-Year Itch

Ask Shuli: Office Bully

Dear Shuli: This week a rather loud coworker embarrassed me in public, and I’m not sure how to deal with it. — Humiliated Cubicle Gal

Ask Shuli: Shabbat Mixer

Dear Shuli: I’ve invited some friends over for Shabbat dinner. He’s Jewish and she’s not. What can I do to make both feel comfortable?

Ask Shuli: Why Are Jews So Cliquey?

Dear Shuli: It seems that in today’s society, many Jews tend to stick together very exclusively. After years of anti-Semitism and persecution (that still exists today), do we feel it necessary to make others feel uncomfortable? Why are Jews so cliquey?

Ask Shuli: I’m no Grinch

Dear Shuli: I’m wondering how big of a faux pas it is to let my daughter wear her Christmas shirts to her Jewish daycare?