Ask Shuli: Does Texting = Stalking?

iPhoneDear Shuli:
I gave my cell phone number to a woman I met recently while on a group outing with friends. We went out a couple of times, and now she’s been sending me suggestive and embarrassing text messages—which make me uncomfortable. I’m not really interested in her and don’t respond, but the messages are getting more suggestive. How can I get her to stop?
— Textphobic

Dear Textphobic:
Frankly, she sounds a little creepy. I’d guess that texting gives this woman courage that she’d never have in person. It’s a little more detached and impersonal—but for you, it’s quite invasive. Before she launches into full-blown stalking mode (you never know), put the kibosh on her weird messages. It’s sexual harassment, honey.
You should call her directly and let her know that her text messages are: a) making you uncomfortable, b) a total turn-off, c) a bummer, since she seemed slightly interesting when you met, or d) all of the above. Ask her to stop, in no uncertain terms. It might be helpful to let her know that in the future, she might want to hold back on that kind of communication when getting to know someone, and stick to in-person or phone courtship.
If she won’t stop, call your wireless carrier and ask them to temporarily block all texts to your phone. Explain the harassing messages if you must. You won’t incur texting charges and best of all, you won’t have to read her creepy messages. Of course, this won’t work for you if you’re addicted to texting. Or … It’s an extreme measure, but if you’re really nervous, you can consider changing your phone number.
Now, get out there and meet someone more ladylike.
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