PopRocks: Mainly in Washington

This is a guest post by Gila Drazen.The White House (Washington DC) by ~MVI~.


Greetings, PopRockers!  We’re gonna mix it up and get a little political this week (in a manner of speaking)!

Big Jewish news this week – Chelsea Clinton is getting married. To a Jewish boy. With whom she went to shul on Yom Kippur. At the Jewish Theological Seminary. This is not a rumination on how Chelsea scored an NJB (this may be fodder for a future Jew-Date Diaries entry?). Wondering if she’s going the Ivanka Trump route? So are lots of people (note: the previous link includes a forum about interfaith marriages, especially in light of the “December Dilemma”).

Good news about the White House crashers: not Jews. Is it a special quirk of being Jewish that the first thought whenever something like this happens is “it would be really embarrassing if they were?”

The fact is that we currently live in a country where it’s considered more than okay to do something inherently ridiculous in orderto get yourself on a reality show, but the combination of revulsion and pity with which we watch these people does cause one to wonder where these people come from. So Jewish culture vultures breathe a collective sigh of relief, and wonder where the next invented crisis will be coming from.

Potentially the most Jewish film coming out this week? Brothers. Two of its three leads are Jews; watch this column soon for more information about the film itself. (What does this have to do with Washington? The Army, of course.)

And this week’s website to watch: www.heebz.com. No, that’s legit. Taking over for the late, moderately lamented Jewhoo, it’s got a search engine. Wanna know who’s Jewish? Feel like spelunking a search engine of MOT’s? This is an excellent time-suck.

If you can pull yourself away from Heebz, enjoy your week!

(Photo: Bigberto)