If you think Nice Jewish Guys are sexy…

If you are the kind of Jewish girl who thinks Nice Jewish Guys are sexy, check out the 2010 “Nice Jewish Guy’ calendar.

What’s a Nice Jewish Guy? You know, the kind of guy you want to bring home to Bubbe. Tall, dark, handsome and hairy. Owns a talis and goes to shul. Brilliant, sensitive, likes long walks on the beach…. oy.

If you’re looking for a great Hanukkah gift (the holiday starts on Friday) for a single Jewish girl friend, this may be it. You can buy the calendar, as well as “I [heart] Nice Jewish Guys” shirts on their website. All the American and Jewish holidays are marked.

How did the calendar choose the guys to be featured? Creator Adam Cohen told Jewcy in an interview this week:

A couple of ways. We did outreach through Craigslist – just wrote “Are you Jewish?” and let people click on it. We tapped into friend networks, asked around, “who would be perfect for this?”

This one guy came in for a meeting in my office, and I kept staring at him. He said, “why are you staring at me?” I asked him to be in the calendar. He agreed to be in it as long as I didn’t put him on the cover. I did it anyway.

I was looking for guys who wouldn’t be invited to be in a calendar – like me. I wanted these guys to be every guy who never gets credit, people don’t say “you’re hot.” But put this guy in a calendar and show how hot he is. There were no players – we interviewed the guys.

Read the rest of Jewcy’s interview here. Oh yeah, and I won’t mind if someone gets me one of those t-shirts for Hanukkah. Hint, hint.