TC Jewfolk Gets a Makeover

Theater CurtainIf you’re reading this article in your email, RSS feed, or on Facebook, click the link and read it on the blog. TC Jewfolk just got a makeover. A big one. You won’t want to miss it.

We owe an ocean of gratitude to two amazing individuals: logo designer Mike Grinberg and web designer April Silver. Todah rabah.

Mike created a logo that captures everything that is TC Jewfolk (it’s fresh, it’s fun and it fuses our Jewish and Twin Cities identities).  Mike is not only an amazing graphic artist – during the day, he can be found at Nina Hale Inc. in his role as a Senior Search Specialist.

April, WordPress guru and founder of Springthistle Design, created a look for the blog that creatively incorporated our new logo and greatly improved the user experience. She held our hands all along the way and made the process feel simple (even when we know it wasn’t).

Explore our new design.

  • The top five articles you see are our featured posts. These are our must-reads and will rotate regularly.
  • The front page now features the three most recent articles from each of our hit columns: What’s Nu?, Jew to Do, Being Jewish, Minnesota Mamaleh, Ask Shuli, and Noshin’.
  • You can now more easily sign up to get TC Jewfolk’s posts by email, RSS, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the links on the right side.
  • Don’t miss our events listing, resources list, and about us pages. Or check out our most recent comments, and our blogroll of our favorite blogs.
  • In the first quarter of 2010, advertising space will be available. If you’re interested in reaching our audience with your message, contact our Managing Editor via email: [email protected].

We’d like to take a moment to thank our writers as well – our columnists who contribute on a regular basis and the contributing writers who’ve shared occasional pieces. Their varied voices bring to light the wonderful diversity that is what it means to be TC Jewfolk.

We also wish to thank you – our readers. Without your words of encouragement, your gentle critiques and your engagement in the dialogue that is TC Jewfolk, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So thank you. We hope you enjoy this next chapter and look forward to what is to come.

All the best,
Leora Maccabee     Emily Cornell
Editor-in-Chief        Managing Editor