Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Don’t miss this week’s Jewish news and videos. A Minneapolis Jewish attorney faces rape charges, JAPs at UMadison get grilled on Youtube, a Jewish celebrity mash-up to “Poker Face,” a nasty cartoon of Joe Lieberman plus critiques of him and Hadassah from the Jewish community, and a theft from Auschwitz. Shavua Tov. Have a great week.

Attorney Aaron Biber, facing charge of raping boy, posts $500,000 bail.” Star Tribune. You know you’re in trouble when Above the Law is “disturbed” by the allegations. Oy, is it bad for the Jews! Yes, Aaron Biber is Jewish. A big Jew in fact in the Minneapolis Jewish community. He was the Vice President of the Minneapolis Federation Board for several years, among other things. Oy. Puke. What more can we say?

University of Wisconsin’s “East Coast Jewish Honeys” Not Laughing at “Coastie Song. Heeb Magazine. Great piece by Heeb Magazine about a poorly-produced sexy video of Jewish American Princesses at U-Madison. Question – is the video good or bad for the Jews?

“Kosher Face” – check out this fabulous Youtube mashup (thanks to Heeb Magazine for the heads up). A delicious array of Jewish celebrities, with awesome lyrics.


Poland tightens border as hunt intensifies for stolen sign from Auschwitz death camp memorial” – Star Tribune. What kind of crazy, anti-Semetic nut-job steals the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign?

Going after Joe (and Hadassah too)” Capital J blog. Some Jews are getting a little annoyed (to say the least) with Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman being such a vocal and active part of the opposition to health care (don’t miss TC Jewfolk’s 12/28 point-counter point on the Jewish perspectives on health care reform). In the meantime, read some of the commentary here.

Cartoon Shows Sen. Lieberman Killing Santa.” Forward’s Bintel Blog. I won’t put the cartoon here – it’s a little disturbing, if you ask me. Add your thoughts in the comments.

And just for kicks, here’s a photo of our Prez lighting Hanukkah candles. Pretty sweet.