Shavua Tov: This Week’s Jewish News

Don’t miss this week’s hottest Jewish News.

A terrorist attack on a Northwest Airlines flight, a fake Jewish American (Disney) Princess, a fake (maybe?) apology to the Jews from former President Carter, a failed Miss Palestine pageant, health care reform update, Europe’s Israel obsession, and female protesters in talitot at the Western Wall. Shavua Tov. Have a great week!

1. “President Carter’s Al Het” Capital J Blog. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter, author of “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” apologizes to the Jewish community for stigmatizing Israel but most people aren’t buying it. Check out commentary in the American Thinker, “Jimmy Carter: Unforgiven” and an analysis by JTA as to whether the former Prez’ grandson’s political aspirations are led him to apologize – “Carter: Grandson’s race not reason enough to apologize.”

2. “PA cancels Miss Palestine beauty pageant.” JPost. Bummer. That could have been interesting. In case you were wondering, Miss Israel 2009 is 19-year-old soldier Adi Roditzky. Check out her unbelievable photo gallery here.

3. “A Jewish American (Disney) Princess?” JWA Blog. A look at Landline TV’s Disney spoof about a fictional new animated film about a Jewish American Princess, and ponderings about whether we’ll ever see a Jewish Disney princess. Interesting. Oh yeah – the spoof will piss you off.

3. “Suspect charged with trying to destroy Northwest Flight.” CNN. Okay, this story is not Jewish per se, but it’s about the formerly Minnesota-based Northwest Airlines. And terrorism in the U.S. always makes me think about Israel.

4. “Senate approves health care bill, clears way for final compromise with House on legislation.” Star Tribune. Big wins for Senate Dems. Now it’s time to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the bill. Thanks to the Jewesses with an Attitude blog, here in a NY Times feature comparing the two versions. And the Jewish community is putting more pressure on Sen. Lieberman to support health care reform with an open letter from clergy and other Jewish leaders.

5.”Challenging Traditions at the Heart of Judaism.” NY Times. Supporters of Women of the Wall came out in droves last week. A look at the event, and at the history, and legal battles of the movement. And the Jerusalem Post reports that “90% of Israelis want less gender-separation at the Kotel.”

6. “Europe’s Israel Obsession.” The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page. Thanks to Jewlicious for tipping us off on this important article.