Contest: Film Your Favorite Inspiring Jew

You get teary-eyed when Bubbe talks about her time as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. Or are blown away by the volunteer work of your Jewish next door neighbor. Got a camera? Flip phone? Hit record.
Submit a short of video of a Jew you find inspiring for‘s “Jews That Do” contest and get a chance to win a Mac Book, iPod Touch or iPod nano.
“Jews That Do” is deliberately grassroots, and user generated. He/she who enters the video Wins. Once you’ve entered your video, send TC Jewfolk your Youtube clip and we’ll feature it on the blog.
Subjects can be anything from street musicians to prime ministers, humble shopkeepers to intellectuals, teachers to activists to pro-bono giving doctors and lawyers. They want to hear from your grandmother and your little brother. They  want to be “moved, inspired, and touched by the full diversity of the contemporary Jewish experience.”
A few contest rules.
1) You have to know the inspiring Jew personally
2) You have to be at least Bat/Bar Mitzvah age
3) Your subject has to be Jewish (as liberally defined by Taglit, Birthright).
The video-taking doesn’t need to be professional. You can use your cell phone, flip camera, digital camera, video camcorder, anything that takes video clips. In return, will share your “Jew-Doer” with the world and give you the opportunity to win fantastic prizes including a Mac Book, iPod touch, or an iPod nano!
Community voting on the videos starts on February 1st, and Leadel’s panel of judges make the final decision on the top prizes before February 21st. The contest is sponsored by Jewlicious,, European Jewish Congress and the ROI Community for Young Jewish Innovators.
May the most inspiring “Jew-Doer” win!
(Photo: Alejandro Peters)