Shavua Tov: This Week's Jewish News

Shavua Tov! Hope you all had a good week.
Don’t miss this week’s hot Jewish News: Natalie Portman says no more Holocaust movies, hate speech becomes art, Israeli Keffiyehs on the web, Israeli v. American airline security, the Israeli-Lebanese hummus war and more.
1. “Natalie Portman Tells Elle U.K. She Does Not Like Jew Roles or Holocaust Movies” – Heeb Magazine. Interesting interview tidbits, plus some hot pics of the Jerusalem-born actress.
2. “Hate removed: White supremacist books transformed into art exhibit with positive messages.” Missoulian/Jewcy. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you 4,000 books full of racist aspersion, make art.”
3. “Israel’s Airport Security, Object of Envy, is Hard to Emulate Here.” – The Forward. As more airlines in the U.S. face terrorist threats and attempts, like the man threatening Jews who was taken off a Northwest Airlines flight, a logical thought is “do what Israel is doing – it works.” This author has other ideas.
4. “Make Dip, Not War: Israel battles Lebanon for hummus supremacy” – Tablet Magazine. Well, duh Israel won the hummus competition. That stuff is damn good. And so long as chickpeas are the only thing Arabs are throwing at the Jews, I’m cool with that.
5. “$500 offered for murder IDF soldier.” Jerusalem Post. In case you wanted to be really f—ing angry. Read this.
6. “Introducing the First Ever Israeli Keffiyeh.” Jewlicious. Does it bug you that people consider the Arab Keffiyeh a fashion statement when it’s really a symbol of violence and terrorism? Read this interview and buy the “Am Israel Chai” Keffiyeh.