Shavua Tov: This Week's Jewish News

Shavua Tov! Hope you all had a good week.
Check out this week’s hot Jewish News. Why Jews do/don’t hate Sarah Palin, Anne Frank’s (temporary) savior dies, Hamas’ new TV show, a Jewish cult leader, Norm Coleman in the news, year’s best Jewish books, and more.
USA Today Wonders Why Jews Hate Palin and I’m Uncomfortable” – Heeb Magazine. A thoughtless and ridiculous article about Jews hating Palin because she’s working class (what?) and pro-life (oy!) is making a big splash in the mainstream media. Agh!
Hamas’s Charming New TV Show.” Tablet Magazine. This hot new anti-Semitic Hamas TV show features a Palestinian Authority officer sucking up to the Israelis and taking money from the Americans before he kills Palestinian children and drinks their blood. Videos included.
Jewish Cult Leader Turns a Profit.” – Heeb Magazine. Another example (in case Madoff didn’t convince you) that Jews can be scum. “Of course, it’s gotta be the Jewish cult leader who figures out how to turns his wives into a profitable business.”
A Muckraking Blogger Focuses on Jews” – NY Times. We’re kvelling that Minnesotan and Jewish blogger Shmarya Rosenberg made the New York Times. Mazels. Interesting article about his work to uncover corruption in the Orthodox community.
National Jewish Book Award Winners Announced” – Forward’s Bintel Blog. The best Jewish books of the year, for all ages. Pretty impressive list – grab ’em from the library and start reading!
PIM figures odds are ‘3-1 in favor’ of Norm Coleman entering race for Minnesota governor.” American Jewish World Newspaper. What do you think about Former U.S. Senator Coleman getting back into Minnesota politics? And do you think we have a chance that he’ll break the news on TC Jewfolk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Miep Gies, who sheltered Anne Frank and saved her diary, dies at 100.” – American Jewish World Newspaper. One of the most famous Righteous Gentile passed away this week. Click here to watch an interview with Miep Gies from 1988. Makes you wonder what we can/should be doing to make a difference today, in her honor. I have an idea.
(Photo: Bruce Tuten)