Israel's Hottest Export, Supermodel Bar Refaeli

(Because if Haaretz can write about Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s hot new lingerie ad, then we can too.)
So you think computer firewalls, drip irrigation, the Pentium MMX Chip technology, or the camera pill are the hottest Israeli exports? Have you seen Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s latest lingerie ad?
The commercial (below), for French underwear company Passionata, premiered last week. Haaretz reports that the campaign’s depiction of Refaeli, sitting on a swing in 60s-style skimpy underwear, is aimed at emulating the French beauty and style icon Brigit Bardot.
You may be familar with Bar Refaeli if you read (um….) Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Rafaeli was the Swimsuit Issue’s issue cover model in February 2009. When she graced that magazine, she became the magazine’s first Jewish and first Israeli cover model.
Here’s a video that Sports Illustrated put together, which gives you a sense of Refaeli’s personality and – it must be said – her stunning looks.
Did I mention that there is naked artsy footage of Refaeli on Youtube too? Yeah, not posting the link here to that one folks. You can search that stuff out yourself.
Well, I think this article had enough skin to get us censored by Google. I hope it makes you want to travel to Israel with Birthright Israel this summer. You’ve seen this ad for Israeli tourism, right?
(Photo: coco+kelley)