Shavua Tov: This Week's Hot Jewish News

Shavua Tov. Hope you all had an awesome week.
Here’s this week’s hot Jewish news. Franken sticks it to the U.S. Supreme Court, Facebook gets an Afikoman app, Terror List drops Hamas, Ellison McCollum and Oberstar talk Gaza, Jews respond to Obama’s state of the Union, and more.
1. Franken offers bill to limit foreign influence in U.S. elections. MinnPost. The U.S. Supreme Court opens up our elections to all kinds of money, and Franken slaps ’em back. Nice.
2. US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding. Israel National News.  Umm…. WTF!
3. 54 U.S. lawmakers urge Obama to press for end to Gaza siege. Haaretz. And Huffington Post adds “the House effort that was led by three Minnesotans: Keith Ellison, James Oberstar, and Betty McCollum.” Contacts Keith, Jim and Betty with your thoughts, or just let us know in the comments below.
4. Scrap Waldo, Now You Can “Find the Afikoman!” on Facebook. Heeb Magazine. Way too cool.
5. Video: Jews react to Obama. Jspot. Prez Obama lays out his vision in the State of the Union and some really cool prominent Jews (including one of my former rabbis) respond. Here are their thoughts. What do you think?


6. Sad. A few prominent Jewish deaths this week. Howard Zinn (NY Times obit) and J.D. Salinger (NPR obit), whose dad was Jewish. Interesting stuff about J.D. from the JewishVirtual Library – J.D.’s mom actually lied and said she was Jewish; he didn’t find out about the ruse until his Bar Mitzvah.
7. Jews Stealing Haitian Organs? YouTube Lunatic Now a News Source. Heeb Magazine. Another WTF! Especially after all the awesome work Israel did in Haiti while all the other countries in that part of the world were sitting on their asses.
(Photo: Aaron Landry)