Vote for Shira Schwartz, Minnesota's Most Inspiring Jew

Shira Schwartz with the Orim Israeli Dance Troupe

There are a lot of amazing, inspiring Jews in Minnesota. They are our teachers. They are the executive directors of organizations that serve the Jewish and general communities. The chefs at Heidi’s restaurant in Minneapolis are Jewish. I’d even throw our parents into the mix for putting up with us all these years.
But one Minnesotan Jew has the chance this month to get international recognition for the difference that she makes on a daily basis for Jewish children, teenagers and adults in Minnesota.

That Jew is Shira Schwartz.

(Here comes the personal plug)

My 15-year-old brother Aaron and I entered a video in’s international “Jews that Do” contest about music and dance teacher, choreographer and director Shira Schwartz because we think she is Minnesota’s Most Inspiring Jew.

The “Jews that Do” contest is a grass-roots, user generated contest to highlight the full diversity of the contemporary Jewish experience. Our video is among dozens submitted on the site. Prizes go to the videos with the highest score (you can vote for your favorite on a 1-5 scale) and the grand prize is a MacBook computer. Voting ends 2/21.
If we win, I’ve promised to pay my brother for half of that computer (a hefty $600) and then to use the new computer to make TC Jewfolk videos, podcasts and slideshows, and to live-blog from events in ways that my current deficient laptop can’t handle.

Think one Jew can’t make a difference? Watch this video. Then click here to vote.


Has Shira made a difference in your life?

Let the “Jews that Do” contest judges know by leaving a comment on our video here.