Shavua Tov: This Week's Hot Jewish News

Shavua Tov! Hope you all had a good week.
Here are some juicy Jewish news stories you probably missed this week: an anti-semitic ad in the Jerusalem post, a death row inmate requests tefillin, a hot Jewish music update, and figure skating and divestment in Israel.
1. “The attacks against NIF and why J Street could use a little schooling from Peace Now.” Capital J. Don’t miss this fascinating new debate between Jewish organizations that say they represent Israel’s interests. And a hell of an anti-Semitic ad (by an Israeli NGO) in the Jerusalem Post.
2. Death row inmate requests tefillin. The JC. “Rabbi Menachem Katz, of the Aleph Institute, an Orthodox group that supports Jewish prisoners, has been visiting Grossman for 15 years. He said that Grossman had been doing teshuvah — repentance — ever since his crime.” Question – does the fact that he’s wearing tefillin affect whether you think he should die?
3. If you’re craving some kickass music by some fabulous Jewish female musicians, check out these posts. 5 Jazzy Jewesses You Should Be Listening To on Jewcy and Kol Ishah: Jewish Chicks Rock on Jewesses with Attitude. Ooh, my dad would love these lists.
4. Apparently Israel has too many world class figure skaters. Jewlicious. No comment on this one – you know you want to click the link. It’s that absurd.
5. “Divestment from Israel = A Triumph for Illness” by Op-ed by Steve Hunegs, Exec Dir of the JCRC of Minnesota and the Dakotas in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Divesting Minnesota’s holdings of Israel bonds will not bring the realization of a Palestinian State one day closer.  In fact, this idea is misguided and wrongheaded.”
(Photo: stitch)