The Jew-Date Diaries: Announcing the Winner of TC Jewfolk's JDate Contest

Usually The Jew Date Diaries is a place for our readers to anonymously share their stories of dating Jewishly (whatever that means). We’ve seen funny stories and stories with happy endings. We’ve seen stories from those filled with hope and stories from those just about to give up. But we haven’t seen a story waiting to be told. Until today.
Today, we announce the winning entry in our contest with JDate®, The Leading Jewish Singles’ Network. The winner receives, compliments of JDate, a 3 month subscription to take a chance at finding love. Who knows what stories will come of it?
The Winning Entry

If there was a contest for funniest worst dates, I am almost sure I would win.  While stories would bring down the house if I was doing stand-up, the truth is, I really want to find a Jewish man that is willing to partner as best friend, lover, and true companion who is financially and more importantly, emotionally stable.
My heart is full, compassionate, and I have been told that I am a beautiful person inside and out. At 55, I feel hopeful, yet just in the amount of funny stories alone, there should be something that comes back to me.  The last two years have been challenging for many people, so those relationships that help support us and keep us feeling whole, are very important.  The Jewish community is so small that almost everyone knows everyone or knows someone that already has dated someone else.  The one thing that I have always been told, is that the men that have been in my life, have never been treated so well, and I believe I am deserving the same kind of treatment.  I don’t want to be able to survive on the memories of the worst dates ever.  I am a woman of substance and true integrity – put me in line.  I’d take the next good one out there if he is worthy of a woman like me.

Do you have a good story for The Jew Date Diaries? Email it to [email protected]. The best ones will show up here (always anonymously!), every other Tuesday. 
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