Help TC Jewfolk Raise $1000 by March 1st

Maybe you’ve been reading TC Jewfolk for months. Maybe you started this week. Maybe you read every article, or maybe there’s one Minnesota voice, one Jewish writer, that you love and keep coming back for, over and over again. (Minnesota Mamaleh? Ask Shuli? Noshin’? Our new Israeli politics writer?)
We want to provide you and the rest of the Jewish community with this unique online forum to talk about things that matter to hip Jews, whether its Jewish recipes, Israeli politics, or hot upcoming Twin Cities events.
But we need your help.

In the next two weeks, we want to raise $1000 dollars for TC Jewfolk.

TC Jewfolk is a volunteer-run operation that exists on a sub-shoestring budget. Actually, on no budget at all. None of us at TC Jewfolk are fueled by profit. What drives us is the desire to connect Twin Cities Jews online through provocative blog content that fosters local conversations about Jewish faith, music, arts, politics and culture.
In order for TC Jewfolk to become sustainable — so we can build connections between Jews for months and years to come — we need your help. Our start-up costs for web hosting, blog and logo design, business fees, and publicity costs over the last seven months are about $5,000. Your donation of $5 or $500 will help us pay our debts and then continue providing you with absolutely unique, edgy and fascinating articles about Jewish politics, culture and religion for months and years to come.

So if you feel that TC Jewfolk has given YOU something, please join us and give back.

Every donation is appreciated.
If you don’t have the few extra bucks right now, no worries. Forward this article to your Bubbe. Tell her that reading TC Jewfolk helps keep you Jewish. Or marrying Jewish. Or eating kugel. Raise your hands slightly above your shoulders and shrug your head sideways. Then repeat these words in a Yiddish accent. “Nu, what’s not to support?”
Let us know in the comments to this post why you’re donating, and we’ll keep you updated as to how much we’ve raised. Thanks for your support!

To make a donation by credit card:

Click on the “Donate to TC Jewfolk” coffee cup on the lower-right hand side of the blog, or at the bottom of any article. You’ll be directed to PayPal but you can make a donation without even setting up a PayPal account. PayPal is a secure site that takes Visa, American Express, MasterCard, American Express and other credit cards.

To make a donation by check:

TC Jewfolk banks with TCF Bank in Minnesota and accepts checks payable to “TC Jewfolk.” Checks should be mailed to Editor in Chief Leora Maccabee. For her mailing address, email Leora at [email protected].
Please note that TC Jewfolk is an LLC, and not a 501(c)(3), so your donations are not tax-deductible.