What the Bleep?! This week's news

Now that's a crazy lookin' Bat Mitzvah.

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories: a Yankee Stadium Bar Mitzvah; Brits on Rape, a Hamas assassination; Palestinian sex scandals; and a piggish apology.
1. Bar Mitzvah May Complicate Plans for a Bout in the Bronx. I don’t know what’s crazier. That someone’s rich and well-connected enough to have a Bar Mitzvah at Yankee Stadium or that . . . yeah, that’s the craziest #%$&@#.
2. Discussing rape, the “sisterhood” fails. British women blame rape victims more than British men do. Excuse me? I’m with the author of this post – where’s the sisterhood in that?
3. British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination. So someone – whoever it was – assassinates a Senior Hamas terrorist (who himself admitted to abducting and murdering Israelis). Instead of cheering that country’s intelligence services, the rest of the world freaks out, blasting that country for its actions? Now Britain is threatening to sever its intelligence-sharing agreement with Israel if Israel is found to be behind the attack? WTF! Countries and governments that reject terrorism should be applauding this targeted assassination and moving on.
4. Zionists Made Me Whip Out My Schmeckle. A Palestinian sex scandal? Should I be shocked? Whatever. And of course the scandal-ridden politician is blaming the Jews. Yeah, because we made you screw your secretary.
5. Regarding the photo of the pig on the front page of the American Jewish World’s Feb. 19 edition. Okay, some local Jews are freaking out. The AJW newspaper put a picture of a pig on the front page. For Purim. The holiday of getting drunk and dressing up in crazy costumes. Big frickin’ deal. but the AJW still issued an apology because, well, sometimes that’s what you gotta do. People – we know half of you are eating bacon anyway. Get over it.
(You may notice that the column formally known as “Shavua Tov” has changed a bit in style and content. Let us know if you like it better. Or if it just pisses you off. Peace out and have a good week.)
(Photo: i-live.gr Greek News Magazine)