What the Bleep?! This week's news

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on hot Jewesses, Obama Muslim rumors, an Israeli spy in Hamas, a skinhead turned Jew, Jewish money stats, and the EU on Palestine.
1. “Israel’s Man in Hamas Just Wanted to Save Lives.” Now that’s one hell of a spy. The son of a Hamas founder working for Israel? I’ve got to read his book.
2. “‘Pro Israel’ Group Promotes Canard that Pres Obama is a Muslim.” Now that just turns me off. I mean, seriously? Who still spouts that &%$*# anymore!
3. “Gratuitous Jewess: Kendra Renee.” Thanks to Heeb Magazine for reminding us of how stunning Jewish women are. Damn!
4. “From Skinhead to Orthodox Jew.” Now that’s a f—ing awesome rebirth. Read about it.
5. “Visual Proof Jews Have All the Money.” 46% of American Jews make more than $100,000/yr, but wait – so do 43% of Hindus. Interesting. Ever hear of someone accusing Hindus of running the world’s financial system? Yeah, didn’t think so.
6. “We’re #5, We’re #5!” Gallup has Israel on top, Iran and PA on Bottom in poll for countries viewed most favorably to Americans. Sweet. I think Bar Rafaeli’s swimsuit issue may have had something to do with that…
7. “EU to Recognize Palestinian State, Peace Inevitable.” The EU has decided on its own to give the Palestinians a state. Because Israel and America don’t need to be a part of that decision-making process, really. They’re peripheral. It’s all about France.
That’s all for now folks. Find any other &%#*#ed up or otherwise interesting Jewish news? Let us know in the comments.