Bacon & Lox: The Joy of Bacon

I'm going to miss this logo.

We’re all out of Bacon! Stephanie, who has written the part of Bacon for the past couple months, has moved on to a side dish that tastes a little less fishy. The departure of the writer Bacon (Stephanie, not Francis) has got me thinking about the food bacon, so enjoy, as Bacon & Lox gets foodie (kind of).
Almost everyone loves a little bacon now and again. For those of us that grew up in a Jewish household, bacon has always had a forbidden fruit feel. As for me, no matter how hard I might try to stay away, I always seem to come back for more of its salty goodness.
For the past few months, I have been loyal to turkey bacon (or do I mean turkey Bacon), my lips never touching Canadian bacon, thick sliced bacon, or any other fabulous variety. And it was good. But, sometimes even by forces outside your control, you need to move on to another kind of bacon, or consider moving a couple aisles over to the kosher pastrami and brisket.
Why We Love Bacon
Let me tell you a few of my favorite things about bacon (as a general group, not a specific type of bacon), and if I missed any, feel free to add your comments below.
Any Where – Bacon can be found at fancy parties, wrapped around a marinated scallop. But you’re just as likely to find bacon at Denny’s next to a runny egg. I’ve noticed that that while there is always plenty of bacon at Denny’s and the Old Country Buffet, sometimes it can be harder to find at the St. Louis Park restaurants and bars. Interesting.
Any Place – Bacon is pleasantly adaptable and flexible. Sometimes I enjoy it on its own for its simple goodness, either at home or out on the town. Other times it can accompany and get along well with the other foods I’m enjoying a meal with.
Any Time – Of course bacon is often regarded as a morning treat, though I personally enjoy bacon any time of the day, including as a late night snack. But, seriously, there is nothing better than a little bacon first thing in the morning – always a great way to start the day.
The Dangers of Bacon
As wonderful as bacon is, we do need to remember that not everyone approves of it being a staple in one’s diet. For example… mom.
Sometimes you have to be careful about having it at family gatherings. If you’re hosting a brunch for your parents, they may not want to see bacon at the table. In extreme cases, your mother may take your perfectly nice slices of bacon right off your plate and throw them out the door (it’s happened I’m sure).
I’ve also heard reports that proclaiming your love for certain varieties of bacon can send shockwaves through the community, particularly that chocolate-covered bacon they’ve been serving at the State Fair (I’ve never tried that variety of bacon, but it sounds exotic).
And maybe our rabbinic ancestors were on to something when they made bacon a forbidden food for our people. After all, sometimes bacon (or do I mean Bacon) can be fun for a while, but not ideal for your long term dietary needs. And sometimes, the kosher deli spread looks pretty good.
To bring this column back to where it started, we wish Stephanie well in her future endeavors. Her insights and contributions will be missed, but the blog entries will continue with a new, occasional, contributing writer. Thanks for reading.