Hey Jews! Donate Your Shoes [UPDATED]

Want to get rid of the piles of barely worn, too-small shoes sitting in your closets? The Sabes JCC in Minneapolis, the Saint Paul JCC [UPDATE],  and Minneapolis Jewish Day School (MJDS) are teaming up to get shoes from Jews (say that 3x fast) in the Twin Cities to donate to families in Haiti through a charity called Soles4Souls.
According to the Sabes JCC:

Soles4Souls has been sending gently worn shoes to needy people around the world since it was founded in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that hit Southeast Asia. To date, Soles4Souls, has distributed more than five million pairs of shoes to people in over 125 countries, including in the United States. They now distribute one pair of shoes to a person in need every 13 seconds. In response to the Earthquake, Soles4Souls has pledged to deliver 1 million shoes to Haiti during 2010 and we want to help make that goal a reality.

How can you help?
Bring in your gently worn shoes (no snow boots, folks – since Haiti doesn’t get cold) before March 23 and place them in one of the designated Soles4Souls collection boxes in the front and fitness entrances of the Sabes JCC, the Saint Paul JCC [UPDATE], the MJDS office, and by MJDS building’s education entrance.
For more information, contact Tamar Fenton at the Sabes JCC.