What the Bleep: this week's news

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on Leo and Bar’s hot union, Barack Obama’s Talmudic musings, the lox crisis, a crazy rabbi in Great Neck, and Joe Biden’s foot-in-the-mouth disease – or not.
1. “Bar Refaeli—Dump Leonardo Di’Caprio! Settle Down With A Nice Jewish Boy.” from Heeb Mag. So an organization that doesn’t like Jews marrying non-Jews is pushing the hottest Israeli (perhaps hottest Jew) ever to dump Leo. Really? Don’t they have better things to do? And I like that this hot union is giving Israel good press coverage in the U.S., so stop your kvetching.
2. Barack “the Talmudist” Obama. Heeb Mag.  The Prez goes Hillel on health care. Intentional? I sense the hand of Rahm.
3. Bagel Lovers Tell Rabbis: Don’t Pick on Our Lox. NY Post. A hella stupid group of Ultra-Orthodox rabbis just declared lox un-kosher. Yeah, you heard that right. Lox, the quintessential Jewish food has some bad bugs in it that make it “meat.” WTF!
4. The Curse that Rocked Great Neck. Jewlicious. A rabbi on a rampage crashes a little kids party to curse all present for their infidelity and sin. Should have been a Saturday Night Live skit. Insane.
5. Cup of Joe (Or… I love the smell of Biden in the morning) and Feeling Biden’s pain: ADL and N.Y. Post. Capital J. V.P. Biden criticizes Israel’s decision to build new Jewish homes in the ancient city of Jerusalem and the ADL throws him their suppor. Did Israel screw itself up by twisting a lovey visit into a critical one? Or is this just another example of what some have called Biden’s Foot-in-the-Mouth disease.
Any news we missed? Let us know in the comments.