What the Bleep?!: this week's news (and why United Airlines sucks)

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on why I hate United Airlines, anti-Semitism in Minnesota, more drama around building houses for Jews in Jerusalem, and Orthodox Jews throwing chairs.
1. United Airlines not only “breaks guitars” (watch the music video) but also breaks hearts. Mine. I’m still waiting on my bags to arrive from Chicago into Washington, DC so I can charge my phone, iron my suits, and get ready to cover the AIPAC policy conference for TC Jewfolk. However, after multiple delays, and people on the phone who can barely communicate but keep telling me that “surely, my bags will arrive on time,” I have now been told that my bag has been sitting in O’Hare for 10 hours, as multiple flights zoom away without my critical bag. Definitely a WTF!
2. Machinist says he was fired for wearing Star of David. AJW. It happened in Plymouth, MN – should we be surprised? I certainly was. Obnoxious and awful.
3. Top Reform rabbi: Freeze building in ‘East Jerusalem’. Capital J. Usually I love the URJ’s politics – good on GLBT issues, on interfaith couples, etc, but really, did they need to wade into the pile of s–t on this one? WTF! This issue screams don’t mess with me and this rabbi waded in. Puke.
4. Chairs thrown at Women at the Wall. JTA. Don’t these Orthodox men have better things to do with their time than abuse women? Like pray?
5. J Street is Not a Friend of Israel’s and Does Not Know What is in Israel’s Best Interest. Jewlicious. Just in case you thought J Street knew what was best for the Jews, here’s some new quotes (taken from an interesting playbook) to show you how wrong you were.