J Street at AIPAC – huh? (Plus a video interview)

AIPAC Policy Conference hosts speakers and delegates from all over the world – from all different backgrounds, beliefs, religions, and political affiliations.
But who’d have thunk that J Street, the upstart “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” organization that critics say threatens AIPAC’s message in Washington, would be a guest at this conference? I wouldn’t have thought so, but it turns out that AIPAC invited J Street to attend the conference in exchange for a similar invite to AIPAC for J Street’s conference this past year.
While J Street was at Policy Conference they got in trouble, according to Ben Smith at Politico, for debating Professor Alan Dershowitz (it sounds like the Prof started it), a scuffle that led to the withdrawing of press credentials from a French film crew that got in the way (after allegedly trying to film the argument, and not stopping when asked). Now that must have been a long and frustrating flight home.
We thought you would like to hear for yourselves why J Street chose to attend AIPAC Policy Conference, and how they would they respond one-on-one to the criticisms lobbed at them by members of the Pro-Israel community.
So TC Jewfolk interviewed their spokesperson – and AIPAC Policy Conference attendee – Amy Spitalnick.

Here is that video:


Thoughts? Insights? How does Amy’s interview affect your view (if you have one) about J Street? And how would you respond to her if you disagree?